9 Ways Technology is Transforming the Lives of People Around the World

Data is the modern world’s most valuable commodity, and it’s expanding at an exponential rate. Now, mobile app developers and companies are looking at how to tap into this valuable resource to create new and innovative mobile apps.

The humongous amount of data we have today can help the mobile app development industry in making real-time, factual, and smarter decisions.

How to treat Big Data is a complicated matter. You have to use Big Data platforms and software to gather and analyze data sets that are too large and complex.

Different sectors and industries consider the importance of data analysis as one of the factors for business success and growth.

Since more and more people are using mobile devices, mobile app developers are poised to use Big Data solutions that can extract consumer data and develop strategies for targeting.

For more on this topic, here’s a guide on how Big Data drives the mobile app development industry.

9 Ways Technology is Transforming the Lives of People Around the World

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to complex and large volumes of data created by tools, machines, and users.

With Big Data platforms and tools, you can gather rich data insights related to consumer needs, marketing strategies, productivity management, new product development, etc.

With Big Data technology, you can process large amounts of structured and unstructured information in real-time. It’s the main advantage of Big Data analytics over traditional data analytics.

Here are seven companies and brands that have taken advantage of Big Data technology to their business success.

  • Amazon
  • General Electric (GE)
  • T-Mobile
  • Walmart
  • Netflix
  • Google
  • Microsoft

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Big Data in Mobile App Development

The use of Big Data analytics in mobile app development is immense as it covers massive amounts of information gathered from social media, search engine queries, video content, audio, product searches, online purchases, etc.

Mobile app developers and companies are using Big Data technology to take advantage of the increasing number of mobile users around the world. Statista predicted that mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion in the next two years.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t crunch down the numbers and analyze large volumes of data using conventional methods.

Mobile app developers need Big Data analytics to gather, organize, and analyze various data sets to figure out patterns in user/consumer preferences.

Then, high-level data processing will enable developers to create useful and innovative mobile applications.

Benefits of Using Big Data Tools in Mobile App Development

Easy to use, engaging, and fast: these are the qualities of a great mobile app. If you’re an app developer, it’s a must that you meet user expectations and preferences. In this way, your mobile app will have more chances of getting downloads.

Big Data platforms and software can be a big help in developing mobile apps that are useful to a lot of users.

Here’s a list of advantages of Big Data in mobile app development.

Understanding the Needs of App Users

Since Big Data tools allow you to garner valuable consumer data insights, it can help you understand more about your target audience.

For example, you can collect and analyze useful information about mobile users based on their age, backgrounds, lifestyles, and their mobile app usage to create ideas for new mobile applications or improve existing ones.

Better User Experience Analysis

Aside from understanding the preferences and expectations of users, Big Data technology also enables you to evaluate how users interact with mobile apps.

You can use Big Data tools to conduct a detailed analysis of user experience, such as how they engage with the app’s features and how much time they spend using the app.

Users will keep using a particular app due to its great features, smooth user interface, and the entertainment it provides them. The opposite of these factors will cause them to uninstall the said app.

If you have valuable data about user experience, you can use such information to introduce changes to improve the app and meet the preferences of users.

Boosting App Performance

With the high-level analytics provided by Big Data tools, app developers can now monitor the amount of traffic their app is generating.

Big Data also helps developers to analyze the engagement based on a specific page or feature and identify the factors that slow down the performance of the app.

When app developers collect and evaluate such valuable data, they can help boost the performance of their mobile applications and minimize the number of users that leave their apps.

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Personalization of Marketing Strategies

You can create marketing strategies that are tailored to the preferences of mobile app users if you utilize Big Data analytics.

This technology helps you evaluate user behavior including their expectations, needs, likes, and dislikes.

It can also benefit you in analyzing the purchase patterns and demographic data of users to craft more personalized marketing campaigns.

Having effective personalized marketing campaigns enables mobile app developers to increase adoption, boost engagement, drive user satisfaction, and generate more revenue.

Make Real-Time Decisions

Big Data technology generates real-time data that can be useful in making immediate decisions.

As you may well know, consumer needs and trends are constantly changing, and you need to stay updated with such matters, especially if you’re working in the mobile app development industry.

Identifying Social Media Mentions

Mobile app development companies can track mentions of their apps on various social media channels with the help of Big Data tools.

For example, you can identify and evaluate complaints, reviews, and posts on social media concerning your app using real-time, high-level analytics.

If you know the sentiments of users about your app (whether it be good or bad), you can know which elements or features of the mobile application you need to keep or improve.

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Now you know how Big Data technology helps app developers create new and innovative mobile apps.

If you’re a newbie mobile app developer, you should know the importance of collecting and analyzing relevant data to further your career in the app development industry.

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