Social Media Audits an Indispensable Part of Brand Development NetBase

Social media marketing depends on a plan and itemizing which of its components achieve a business’s goals and which don’t. It also keeps track of social media account currency and identifies potential impostor accounts and new avenues of outreach and growth.

Social Media Audits

A critical aspect of a social media marketing plan is a process known as a social media audit, which considers various aspects of a business’s existing social media accounts and how they perform.

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Definition of a Social Media Audit

An audit is an examination of the organization’s accounts, in the case of a social media audit, the company’s social media accounts. The process begins by tracking down all existing social media channels, including those run by unconnected, or “impostor” parties, and compiling significant or relevant information in a document, often a spreadsheet.

One of the first things to ensure is that each account is tuned to the company’s current message and up to date on the platform. Such considerations include whether imagery is aligned with current platform specs and whether bios are relevant and links function.

Performance Metrics

Various metrics may apply to understand a campaign’s performance:

  • A profile link for such platforms as Twitter or Instagram
  • An account owner, such as the manager or managing team
  • The account mission, such as higher engagement or promotion of company culture
  • Likes, shares, and retweets
  • Followers, views, and mentions
  • Top posts and influencers
  • Audience demographics

These can apply to each social media platform individually or combined platforms and social media tools comparing similar functions, such as retweets and shares for Twitter and Facebook. Once identified, the key areas of importance provide an overview from which to make changes in social media marketing outreach and strategize for future campaigns. Campaigns can be short-term or longer-term, such as yearly audits to compare year-on-year growth.

Goal Achievement Overview

An array of metrics provides a clear view of how social media interaction and management may have served to accomplish the account’s mission or reach the company’s goals.

For an account that seeks greater engagement, a social media audit might indicate how well marketing has focused on relevant channels, whether content does better in more formal or informal terms or whether a higher or lower rate of posts has resulted in an increase or decrease in likes or shares. Another account’s mission might be to gain followers on Instagram. Its specific audit might focus on website visits.

In evaluating account performance on a social media audit, a company can decide which actions to take, such as allotting greater or fewer resources to an account, adjusting strategy, or even discontinuing it.

Social Media Tools

While immediately available metrics are a valid method of gaining insight on a company’s social media outreach or even the strategies in use by competitors, valuable information also comes through social analytics and CRM, or customer relations management tools, such as sentiment analysis.

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Such advanced tools provide extended information on topics about which users are passionate and which they discuss in relation to a product or service, such as work/life balance for parents, studying and partying for college students, or meeting places for singles. These give a brand additional talking points and further understanding at scale on how to tailor its services.

NetBase, an award-winning platform for social media analytics that connects consumers and businesses and builds brands around the world, uses extensive next-generation AI to analyze multiple aspects of a sentence for sentiment, delivering an accurate and highly-nuanced understanding of customer behaviors and preferences and helping businesses optimize customer experience and quickly respond with informed business decisions.

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