5 Proxy Providers Offering Unlimited Bandwidth

Many proxy users may find having unlimited bandwidth helpful. This feature helps reduce  worries about data caps and bottlenecks that can generally impair internet performance and surfing speeds.

Whether you’re a business professional, a developer, or an everyday internet user, to buy private proxy with unlimited bandwidth offers a scalable solution for your online activities.

Proxy Providers

Here are 5 proxy providers offering unlimited bandwidth:

Bright Data

Bright Data primarily serves corporate clients. It has thousands of subnets with a vast array of private IP addresses. Bright Data’s proxy manager and an API are two powerful management tools that you may use to manage the proxies. The latter allows you to change the addresses in different ways rotation.

Additionally, if one IP fails, a similar one is substituted. This feature ensures 100% uptime. Perfect download speed makes this provider an excellent option for tasks involving a lot of traffic. It starts from $1.90/IP 7-day trial for businesses 3-day; refund for individuals.

It makes economic sense to purchase proxies even though Bright Data doesn’t necessitate doing so. The numerous upsells other providers provide at no cost further confuse the pricing. 

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Smartproxy is another reputable proxy provider that offers private proxies with unlimited bandwidth. It is a versatile choice for various applications, including web scraping, market research, and geo-targeting.

Smartproxy’s proxy pool consists of residential IPs, ensuring your online activities remain anonymous and secure. Its starting price is $2.50/IP (sequential), $3.13/IP (non-sequential) and Free trial: 3-day money-back option.

One of the standout features of Smartproxy is its user-friendly dashboard, which allows easy management of proxy settings and access to detailed usage statistics. The service also offers compatibility with popular web scraping tools, making it a preferred choice among data extraction professionals.


Established in 2012, SquidProxies has positioned itself as a reliable and flexible provider of private proxies, catering to both individual and business needs.

They offer a diverse range of solutions, from affordable shared proxies ideal for basic browsing to dedicated private proxies  SquidProxies boasts a sprawling network of servers spanning over 70 countries, ensuring you have the right location at your fingertips, regardless of your geographical targets.

Their commitment to security shines through their robust encryption protocols and vigilant monitoring systems, keeping your data safe from prying eyes. But SquidProxies understands that technology shouldn’t be a mystery.

Their website is designed for straightforward navigation, providing detailed descriptions of their services, pricing plans, and technical specifications. And if you ever encounter rough seas, their knowledgeable customer support team is always on deck, ready to guide you through any technical snags.

Their lowest price starts at $24 for 10 private proxies. This plan includes high anonymity proxies, multiple cities, non-sequential IPs, unlimited bandwidth and more features.


Oxylabs is a well-regarded proxy provider known for its high-quality residential proxies. They offer private proxies with unlimited bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. Oxylabs’ proxy network spans numerous countries and cities, making it suitable for geo-targeting and bypassing region-specific restrictions.

Oxylabs’ pricing is competitive and reflects the quality and reliability of their proxies. They offer both subscription plans and pay-as-you-go options. Subscription plans start at around $300 per month for residential proxies, while data centre proxies can be purchased on a per-GB basis starting at $6 per GB. Custom pricing is also available for large-scale users.

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One prominent supplier of datacenter proxies is Rayobyte. It oversees more than 300,000 proxies, many of which are housed on internal hardware. The Rayobyte system assigns IP addresses automatically to maximise their diversity.

You can change the addresses till they function as needed if you’re not content with what you receive from the supplier. Other than that, you can use the dashboard supplied to complete the majority of activities yourself. There is a two-day free trial available, starting at $12.50 for five IPs ($2.50/IP).

While Rayobyte’s plans cater to a wide range of users, it offers fewer locations than Bright Data or Oxylabs. 950 and 100 proxies will cost the same per IP address, indicating how broad they are. Accordingly, the price can vary based on where you end up in the range from reasonable to expensive.

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