Here are the Tips for Choosing the Best Minecraft Servers 

Minecraft servers allow users to play the game online or on a LAN with other players. Initially, Minecraft had only single-player servers to make the experience consistent. However, one can play on multiplayer servers also these days. Several types of servers are available, each offering unique features and gameplay.

The most common types are survival, minigame, creative, anarchy, faction, etc. If someone is working on hosting new minecraft servers themselves, one can use special tools.

Here are the Tips for Choosing the Best Minecraft Servers

However, if the act of hosting a server is too much, here are the tips for choosing a good one. 

Tips for choosing from many Minecraft servers

Choosing a particular server can feel overwhelming because of the many options. So, here is how one can make a good choice. 

1. Browsing the relevant content

The game has gathered many devotees globally. Many people create content around Minecraft. So, one can use it to find a server that meets their expectations.

Several websites have lists of servers alongside why one should use them. Browsing through these lists helps one understand what requirements they need to consider.

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2. Figuring out the requirements 

One would need to understand their requirements in a server. Making a list would also help. For example, one can define the criteria as follows. 

  1. Mature 
  2. Good server stability 
  3. Multiple player online servers
  4. Stable economy 
  5. No pay-to-win
  6. Exceptional PVP

These are an example of what one may look for in a server. It is crucial to define one’s own for the best results. One can shortlist a few servers based on these. 

3. Check the population 

Next, one would need to check the number of people using the server. It would give an idea of the server’s popularity and how many players trust it. To put a standard line, one should choose a server with more than 100 players.

It means one is dealing on a competitive platform. If someone is looking for a close-knit community to make friends with, they should find a good server with about 50 members. 

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4. Technical information 

Another crucial thing to check out in a server is the technical information. It is often provided in the description of the server. One can also find it in the tags. Alternatively, this information is available on the website of the server. In the technical info, one should look out for the following details.

  1. The Minecraft version should be updated. One can change it from the ‘Edit Profile’ section if it is lower.
  2. One should also try to find Minecraft servers offering gameplay in their favorite modes. It is especially vital for people who have been playing the game for a while and prefer specific mods only.
  3. The Online-time% should also be decent. It is the time while the server is available for players and should be over 90%. If it is not mentioned with the technical info, they can Google it if any review sites have mentioned it.
  4. One should also check the ping/ lag time to ensure it is fast enough.

Using these tips, one can find a server that meets all their needs.

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