Trials of Osiris Boost Service for Destiny 2

One of the most important challenges for the best Destiny 2 players is Trials of Osiris. This is a weekly in-game PvP event, in which almost everyone who has bought a pass card can participate.

Previously, a full team was required to enter the Osiris, but recently this requirement has been removed. Now you can queue up even pass the test sociopaths.

Trials of Osiris Boost Service for Destiny 2

Getting “Flawless” without the help of friends or hiring will be next to impossible, but the random nature of matchmaking can bring good players together.

Trials of Osiris 2022 Changes

Bungie decided to focus on making the game mode accessible to everyone. In addition, the gameplay itself has changed significantly, which has affected the meta-game around the game. Matches are now shorter, maneuvering to accumulate energy is now mostly useless, and thrifty players no longer retain their accumulated advantage between rounds.

Here are the changes in the Trials of Osiris:

  • Round duration has been reduced by 30 seconds and is now exactly one and a half minutes;
  • Swords can no longer be used without the appropriate ammunition;
  • Collected ammo for heavy and special weapons does not persist between rounds.

Much of the gaming community greeted the news with relief. All these new rules should positively affect the intensity of the battles and make the event shorter.

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What Rewards Can Be Earned in Trials of Osiris

Instead of constantly hunting for Flawless, players can now simply accumulate enough rounds to complete the weekly quest and progress through the season. For example, a card purchased from Saint-14 no longer has a defeat counter. Only received Flawless.

In addition, passes now work for an account, and not for an individual character, which will allow most players to receive rewards without any problems.

To get a pass to the Lighthouse, you still need to “stuff” a few Flawless and avoid defeat, but other rewards are now earned by farming rounds. In any case, hiring Trials of Osiris Carry will speed up rewards and guarantee Lighthouse.

As with other MMOgames (such as World of Warcraft), Destiny 2 rewards the best guardians with additional benefits for those who perform well. Access to the Lighthouse unlocks the weekly drop weapon Adept, as well as other rewards.

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How to take part in Trials of Osiris?

There are several prerequisites for players who want to participate in this game event:

  • Level Power Level not less than 1310;
  • Availability _ Witch Queen DLC;
  • Purchasing a pass from Saint-14.

Technically, all you need is a pass and a game add-on, but without the appropriate level of power, you will hardly be able to participate in the event or use the team search service.

A prerequisite for purchasing DLC ​​is related to the desire of developers to reduce the number of new accounts participating in the event.

Season 16 has just begun, and therefore there is still plenty of time to receive all kinds of awards. Weekly participation will surely reward your persistence with cool loot, but those who can’t always be online should turn to the help of mercenaries.

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