Keyword Research Using Keyword Planner in Google Ads

Google Ads isn’t just a great marketing solution, it’s also a tool with an entire collection of features and functions that can help with Google ads reporting, data analysis, and more.

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your CTR, reduce your CPC and maximize your profitability in the process is by utilizing the Keyword Planner available via Google Ads. But how can you do this to increase your website’s potential?

Keyboard Research

Know what you’re working with

Who better than Google to help you hone in on the most relevant keywords, than the world’s number one search engine? They pretty much define how keywords work and as useful as third-party tools can be, keeping as close to home as possible can certainly benefit you and your business for several reasons.

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How important is keyword research?

If you’re keen to enhance your profits, reduce your costs and enjoy the highest possible volume of conversions, keyword research is more important than anything else at your disposal. If people can’t find your website, they can’t invest in your products or services. If they can’t find a way to pay you, you’ll be investing time and effort for nothing.

Using Keyword Planner can help by allowing you to research particular search terms and phrases, pay attention to both short and long-tailed keywords, refine your efforts to eliminate unnecessary expenses, and then compile your data into a quick and efficient list of search terms based on what’s currently trending.

How much does Keyword Planner cost?

If you have an AdWords account, it is entirely free to use as often as you want. If this in itself isn’t appealing enough, then consider the potential of accessing the world’s largest database of keywords and search terms as provided by Google. The search engine literally defines how people find what they are looking for, so teaming up with them to use their data, analytics and insights can be a fantastic way to get in front of your competition.

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How beneficial is the Keyword Planner?

Not only can you compile your own custom lists of keywords with access to Google Ads reporting, but you can also see how frequently they are searched for, how competitive the term is, and a host of other helpful and reliable data straight from the source. Imagine being able to identify where you’ve been going wrong by focusing on low-quality searches and hoping for conversions, when you could dedicate your time and effort to a particular keyword or phrase that opens up a huge pathway to profit.

With options for localized as well as international results, all via a tool that offers more features than you could ever hope to use; you’ll quickly see why so many people are turning to it. Actions like identifying search volumes and trends become simple, and there’s even a helpful little feature that allows you to create and then combine two keyword lists to create new search terms that cover two unique approaches to the way that people search for things online.

The Keyword Planner isn’t just another tool available to marketers – it’s an open door to the inner workings of Google with frequently updated results and features you won’t find anywhere else – and all of this has been designed to make it quicker and easier to manage your PPC campaigns than ever before.

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