Top 3 Emoji Apps To Use For Your Everyday Conversations

Emojis are a fun way of talking to the people that we love. Using emojis on our chats, texts, and conversations is a sure-fire way of making sure that they understand our emotions. Nothing feels better than telling our loved ones our love for them through the heart eyes emoji. Emojis indeed has become an integral part of how we communicate.

Best Emoji Apps

You might be wondering which emoji app to use. Well, what kind of emojis do you need? Do you need the eggplant emoji to remind them to eat their veggies? There are a lot of emoji apps that offer bonus features. Some emoji apps even extend into a deeper personalization. We are going to show you a few of our favorites and go-to emoji apps.

There are a lot of factors in choosing the best emoji app to use. You must always take into account which kind of emojis do you need. Do you need the one with bonus features to ensure that you always get understood? Pick the best emoji app that caters to your everyday conversational needs.

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Imoji is a fun emoji app that lets you turn your friend’s face into an emoji. This feature is a fun additional perk that you will have while using Imoji. Get intimate with whoever you are chatting with the use of your personalized emoji. Nothing would add a bit of flair to the fun with your very own personalized emojis!

You can easily share your personalized emojis among your friends and loved ones. Your messages have never been this fun through Imoji! The only downside to this emoji app is that Imoji is not compatible with other popular messaging apps. You are going to have to communicate through these standalone messaging apps to use your personalized emojis. 

That means your personalized emojis are not going to be available in WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. We are sure that you will still be able to communicate well with whoever you are chatting through Imoji. Communicate and use your personalized emojis with this emoji app!


We know. The standard emoji keyboard that you use does not let you customize. The order seems to change in a most recent order. The standard emoji keyboard does not allow you to sustain your favorite emojis. You will have to slide through a lot of pages to use your favorites again.

Emojiyo is the perfect emoji app that lets any user customize their emoji keyboard. If you want fast access to your favorite emojis, then Emojiyo is the ideal emoji app for you. Customize your emoji keyboard according to your favorites. You will not have to slide through a ton of pages again to find the perfect emojis.

The fantastic feature that Emojiyo has is that your favorite emojis is more accessible. You can easily curate a combination of emojis in your customizable keyboard/s. Save your different combinations and take it out when the situation is perfect. Emojiyo is compatible with popular messaging apps. You can easily use your favorite emojis through Emojiyo!

Emoji Keyboard Pro

Emoji Keyboard Pro is a dedicated emoji keyboard app that has a lot of emojis. You can never run out of the perfect emojis to describe your emotions with Emoji Keyboard Pro. This emoji keyboard app is also highly customizable. Curate your favorite emojis out of the thousands of available emojis in this emoji app.

Emoji Keyboard Pro is compatible with Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp, and other popular messaging apps. You will be able to set your emoji keyboard in whatever manner you like your emoji keyboard app to be. Be comfortable with a familiar keyboard filled with your favorite emojis!

You can also find GIFS in this keyboard emoji app. Pick out the GIFS that perfectly describe anything that goes on in your conversation. With a selection of your favorite emojis and GIFS, this emoji app is one of the best emoji apps to use out there. You can even create your gifs right on the app itself!

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Using emojis has become a staple in our everyday conversations. There is a lot of emojis that can correctly describe our emotions. With that said, these are some of the best emoji keyboard apps that have the majority of our favorite emojis.

Use the emoji keyboard app with the features that fit your needs in terms of chatting, texting, and more. These emoji apps can be handy in describing our emotions towards the person we are texting or chatting.

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