Top 7 Dating Apps for Android

Time passes, and the dating trends change. Tinder is no longer the only worthy dating app out there because the industry changes with a speed of light. We have put together a list of the best dating apps so far. The range of the Android services regarded below is wide. There are some oldies but goodies there as well as the new players of the love game we call the dating market.

Android Dating Apps

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The developers of the app took the saying “there is only one step from love to hate” too seriously and created a dating app dedicated to this. On it, to find a single woman online, you will have to answer a few questions about the thing you hate, and based on this, the algorithm will match you to the person with similar views.

What can be better than having a topic you both cannot stand as an ice-breaker? On Hater, you do not have to reinvent the wheel; you already have a hint on what you can discuss. The range of the hated topics is huge, and it was surely created by the people with a sense of humor. Here, you will find a lot of stuff to hate from the pineapples on a pizza to the last episode of Harry Potter.


The tried and true dating app that has it all if you are looking for an easy and understandable interface. Here, you can rely on the accurateness of the matching because the algorithms are pretty traditional. You can filter the people by their age, orientation, gender, and location.

The other criteria are not mentioned in the description at all. Some people prefer to describe where they work or what do they do in life, others choose short titles and brief descriptions. But in the case of Badoo, this only intrigues and provokes you to “wink” at someone and start a conversation.


The startup of a Russian developer that is devoted to the short-term connections and hookups. This app is pretty straightforward and suggests the users being honest with each other about their intentions. There are still some chances to meet a person seeking a serious relationship here, but this is a rarity, not a singularity.

The criteria for the search on Pure are dictated by the aim of the app itself – they are clear and understandable. Among the features you can specify, are your gender and that of a potential partner, or you can add a photo and wait to be matched with someone within an easy reach to your destination.

The audience here is loyal and open about what they seek, the app does not use any of your social account information or links. No one in Pure can identify your real age, reach out to your Facebook profile, or get your phone number unless you give it to them. This, however, created a dangerous environment full of scammers and fake users.


The next app offering easy communication and quick one-night stands. What makes it stand out is the higher level of security as compared with the other apps of such range. Here, the user must link the profile to their Facebook account and add at least some real personal information.

So, on Down, you can feel a little safer about getting into trouble with a horny stranger. The idea of the app is that even users who seek short-term relationships should be honest and have nothing to hide. If you want to have sex with someone, you should show that you are a real person and can be trusted.


The founder of the app is an experienced digital market developer and architect Didier Rappaport. The connection between his two professions can be seen in the concept of Happn.

The main feature of the app is using hyper geolocation technologies to match people who not only are next to each other but have passed by each other throughout the day. The idea behind this is to unite people who live in the same social environment, go to the same cafes, bookshops, shopping malls, and share the same territory.


This is an app with an open and outstanding community of people who have nothing against experimenting with their sexual fantasies. On Newpl, you are matched to the users who share the same, sometimes the wildest dreams and sexual desires. Why not try them out in case you agree on the terms of the implementation and obligations of all parties?

This service was developed by a Ukrainian sexologist who knows how important it is for people to feel a part of society. To know that you are not alone even in the strangest of your fantasies, and some people would gladly share them with you.

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A four-year-old application which is available for Android users and calls itself a social network more than a dating site. Here, you can make friends, find people to do an interesting activity with you, meet a companion, or a real soul mate. The kind and honest service the main dedication of which is not dating, but it still can come in handy in this matter.

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