What is CRM Integration and What Are The Four Crucial Integrations For Your Business?

Doing business has changed drastically in the past two decades. With the advent of all things digital, we have been faced with many challenges in terms of reaching out to and engaging with core customers for our business.

There are many technologies and tools that help with the conduct of the business online. CRM or customer relationship management is one of the most evolved technologies that has quickly taken on the digital business niche.

With the help of CRM, the modern-day business owner can reach out to customers from all over the globe, irrespective of the side of the business. 

CRM integration is the term that has is crucial for businesses today. Before we understand what kind of integrations every business must-have in terms of the CRM, it is important to understand what CRM integration really is. 

CRM integration is the function or the technology that would help you get all the information in tandem with the functions which can drive reach and engagement.

The integrations would help you streamline the sales and marketing process so that you are able to create targeted campaigns for higher efficiency.

What is CRM Integration and What Are The Four Crucial Integrations For Your Business

Here’s how:

Data-Driven Functionality:

Data is one of the most important elements of running a business successfully. You can ensure that your information or data is captured and processed in the right way so that it matched with the right functions for data-driven campaigns.

This can be done with CRM integration so that your business is run from the CRM platform that your business would construct.

The best thing is that the framework can be customized so that you can get the functions that you actually need for your business to run properly and efficiently. Data-driven operations would also give rise to a higher rate of conversion.

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Shape a Customer Profile:

With the CRM integration, you would be able to constantly mine the data and information that can form the ideal customer profile. This will help you understand the customer’s buying behavior in a better manner.

This will help you articulate the needs of your customer in a better way so that the targets can be used as the cornerstone of your CRM framework. 

Plan and Act Accordingly:

With the help of insights and analysis that would constantly be generated due to the CRM integration with your business, you can strategize in a way that would help you reach and engage seamlessly.

This will also help you plan each task and activity so that you would know which effort or resource to deploy at which time. The plan and the activity with each stage of the plan would help in targeting the right segment and the right customer at the right time. 

Lead Generation:

Generating leads and nurturing them until a conversion happens is one of the major benefits of getting a CRM integration.

This would also help in understanding where the leads are coming in from and which sources are offering the maximum conversions. 

Team Work:

It becomes easier to collaborate with various team members as well as third party vendors when you have a CRM integration with your business. This would help in cutting any needless and confusing chaos or communication that can cut into the bandwidth and time of the team.

This kind of integration would also help in creating automated tasks and prompts that can streamline the process of marketing and sales. The various teams dealing with marketing and sales can be integrated with the overall CRM framework as well. 

There are a number of major CRM integrations that your business would necessarily need.

Here are the top four that you would have to achieve:

1. Emails:

It is a well-known fact that email marketing is one of the foremost wants in which one can reach out to customers and convert them as well. This kind of conversion would happen by planning an entire email campaign for each segment of the market.

The emails would provide information along with a call for action so that the conversion can happen in a systematic manner.

For this, CRM integration is a necessity since the information pertaining to the customer can be used to customize the emails within the campaign as per the information within the databases.

The email marketing interaction would make use of the information that also has to do with the buying behavior of the customers. 

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2. Marketing:

Marketing automation is one of the key CRM integrations that your business would need. Marketing is the key to running a business successfully. Yet, with the range of information and channels online, it might get severely overwhelming.

Therefore, marketing automation is required for the CRM integration of the present and the future.

You would have to be able to automate the various tasks for an omnichannel presence and hence, it would be a good idea to choose a CRM platform that can offer you features that spread over most of these channels including email, social media, and much more.

The marketing automation function must also allow you to create landing pages with calls for action to drive better reach and engagement. 

3. WebForms:

One of the best ways to capture information for your business would be with the help of web forms. These can come in the form of pop up ads, questionnaires, polls, and contests as well as other deliverables.

This kind of CRM integration would help you get the most relevant information from the customers themselves so that you can process their needs with the help of your carefully positioned products and services.

The information that you capture with web forms would also help you position your product or service in a better manner and understand the customer behavior in your segment. 

4. Customer Support:

This CRM integration is a must since you should always be available to address the customer’s issues and queries for better customer conversion and customer retention.

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