My Response Is On My Own Website : Instant Dofollow Backlinks

My response is on my own website is a great way to create dofollow backlinks and link building for your blog or websites. Mostly, this method is used for event blogging.

In this post, I will teach you that how you can create backlink through My response is on my own website. So, we will make backlinks today by my response is on my own website.

Let’s start without wasting of time anymore,

One more important thing is, Stay on this post till the end! At the end of this post I am going to share a “list of my response is on my own website”, from where you can create dofollow backlinks for your blog or website without any cost. It is totally free. These backlinks will be instantly approved. And these are very high quality backlinks.

If you are looking for dofollow backlinks list for instant approval and without any moderation. Then check here Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list.

What Is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

Basically ‘My response is on my own website’ is a group of websites. These groups of websites allow users and bloggers to create a Dofollow backlink from these websites. You can create backlinks by providing feed back in comments and blog post.

My response is on my own website is a fastest way of getting dofollow high quality backlinks for your own website or for a customer website without wasting of time. This is a shortest time period work.

When, you are starting an event blogging. You need some quicker backlinks to boost you blog before that even which you have targeted. And these backlinks woks fast and also index very soon. Most of the bloggers used this way to make backlinks for their blogs.

Everyone knows that backlinking is the most important in SEO. It is called off-page SEO. This is very important for the ranking of any blog. I recommend you to make sure that the backlink you are creating is from high quality and unique domain. Then your blog has more chances to rank above of other blogs having fewer backlinks.

Why ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ Is Effective?

‘My Response is on my own website’ method is very easy and much efficient because:

  1. It provides quality backlinks for your blog or website very quickly.
  2. As comparing with other backlink these, backlinks index very fast in every search engine.
  3. These sites have high authority and provide High PA and DA backlinks.
  4. I recommend you to also create No follow backlinks from these sites, this is also very beneficial for you blog.
  5. These websites divert more traffic to your websites.
  6. You website DA and PA will be increase fast as backlinks indexed in search engine.
  7. Much High Authority and Page ranking.

Proof one of a website by Above Points:

As I told you the points above of “my response is on my own website”. There I am sharing the screen shots of one of them sites having High Authority and also high DA PA.

The statics given below will leads you know how important are these “my response is on my own website” are.

I am sharing a response submission site ( and you can get a high quality backlink from this website through submission a response on this site.

You can check the statics of this website below here.

Moz: Now take a Look at the Moz statics of this website in this picture. You can see the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

My response is on my own website list SEO

Alexa: Alexa is most famous tool for analyzing the statics of any website. It provides accurate statics. Let’s check this website in Alexa. The statics is given in the picture.

My response is on my own website list Blogging

Ahref: Ahref tool comes at the 2nd number in research of statics of website. Take a look at this website statics in Ahref tool. The statics are in this picture.

My response is on my own website list Technology

You can clearly see the Domain Rating of this website. This is very high and enough to provide a quality backlink to your website. And also numbers of backlinks and referring domains.

Here are stats of this site:

  • Domain Authority: 53
  • Page Authority: 44
  • Worldwide Rank: 94,145
  • Domain Rating: 60
  • Region Rank: 64,671
  • Backlinks: 75,477
  • Referring Domains: 733

I think now you are satisfied with “My Response is on my own Website”.

Now do you know How to do this whole process for getting a backlink from my response is on my own website? If, you does not know. No worry about that I am here. Whole guideline given below step by step. Just follow these steps how to create backlinks through response submission.

Steps to Get Backlink from My Response Is On My Own Website

It is very simple and easy. To understand the process follows below steps to create high quality backlinks through My Response Is On My Own Website

Step 1: Search Worldwide

Open your web browser just type and open just Google not from a specific location i.e., etc.

Then in the search box just type “My response is on my own website” in Google Search Engine and press the enter button from your computer or laptop.

If you want these websites related to your category then you just need to add that category with this keyword and you will get related to your website links. Here I am giving some examples of the specific category of how you can research of Response submission sites for your category in Google.

“My response is on my own website technology”

“My response is on my own website education”

“My response is on my own website travel”

“My response is on my own website digital marketing”

“My response is on my own website SEO

“My response is on my own website Edu”

“My response is on my own website plywood”

“My response is on my own website news”

I already told you that you can change according to your required category!

Step 2: Search for the High Quality Backlink Sites

For searching the high quality backlinks submission for your specific blog. You need to install these two extensions in your web browser.

  • Alexa
  • Moz Bar

These are the minimum stats for the quality websites.

  • Domain Authority: 30+
  • Page Authority: 20+
  • Worldwide Rank: 2,00,000
  • Region Rank: 70,000
  • Backlinks: 20,000+

Make sure that the website which you are going to select for your category has matching these stats or higher then these stats given above in the list.

Step 3: Less Spammed Score Site

It is very important when you are looking for quality dofollow submission site list for your category. Make sure that the website you selected has a low spam score. Best website are those having spam score Zero as very low.

Step 4: Complete the Requirements and Submit Your Backlink

  • The Article Title
  • Article URL
  • Article Excerpt
  • Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Author Name

Here is a screen shot of the box.

My response is on my own website list

Above attached screen shot is of a “My Response is my own website”. Fill all the fields required and just submit your reference. That’s it how you can get a quality backlink through “My Response is my own website”.

For your faculty I am attaching a sites list having High Quality and High Authority ”My Response is on my Own Website” for creating a high quality backlink for your blog and website.

Top ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ Verified List

S. No. Websites


I search a lot and I also create backlinks through these websites. I tried my best to provide you the high quality list of my response is my own website.

I hope you will surely like it and it will be very helpful for creating quality backlinks through my response is my own website.

If you have problem in any field or anything you can contact me by commenting below or by contact us page. I will try my best to help you out. You can share it with your lovely friends. Also give your precious feedback in the comments box. That will be very appreciating to me for getting more things like that.

Enjoy, Good Bye.

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