Best Sports Live Streaming Apps to Use in 2021

Thanks to all the technological advancements through the years, we are now able to watch live sports on every device imaginable. There are plenty of apps that can help you stay updated with the latest sports news like scores, results, analytics, and some of them even offer live streaming.

Live streaming becomes difficult due to rights that are exclusively owned by larger TV networks. This means that it is impossible to legally watch live streams in some countries.

Best Sports Live Streaming Apps to Use in 2021

In today’s article, we will focus on some of the apps that will enable you to watch sports live streams for free.


This is one of the best apps for watching live sports, and the best thing is that it provides a real-time update on the match results. This app features many channels like SPN2 and SPN Classic which means that you can watch whichever match you want.

ESPN covers many sports including football, basketball, golf, tennis, and cricket. Unfortunately, ESPN uses geolocation, so it might be limited or not available for some countries.

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La Liga TV

This is another great sports streaming app, that will enable you to watch your favorite football matches. The best thing about La Liga TV is its user-friendly interface and notification update system that will keep you informed on the latest news, scores, or other updates. 

It also has a good filtration system that allows you to select videos according to the team, player, or competition. It is available for both iOS and Android, and you should definitely check it out.

Live Football TV

This is the most impressive app you’d ever come across. Live Football TV is a sports streaming app that will allow you to watch live sports matches in HD quality without any disturbance from ads or sponsors. 

It is an app that allows you to fully enjoy sports events while watching. The best thing about Live Football TV is that it covers some of the best sporting events like the English Premier League, UEFA Europa League, and even Champions League.

Unfortunately, this application is currently available for Android.


This is another sport streaming app that will allow you to enjoy live matches covering many sports including cricket, football, rugby, tennis, and more. 

Another great thing about SuperSport is that it provides access to live commentary, as well as group chat where you can communicate with other people watching the same match.

Additionally, it provides notifications for upcoming matches and reminders for tracking your favorite matches or clubs. On top of that, all matches are streamed in full HD and it is available for both iOS and Android. This is somewhat same as sbobet app with many other features.

Mobdro Sports TV

This is one of the best free-to-use apps for streaming online sports. It allows you to watch different channels that feature many different videos from different categories such as music, animals, news, and sports.

When it comes to sports, you have a choice of different channels that feature some of the best sports matches in the world. This app will enable you to watch the best teams in the NBA, as well as other sports like baseball, tennis, table tennis, football, golf polo, and much more.

Just like other streaming apps, Mobdro will notify you when there is a live match of your favorite league, or when your favorite team plays.

Mobdro is currently available for iOS, Android, and Mac.

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This is another impressive live streaming app that enables you to watch different channels directly on your TV with the share screen feature. Additionally, it allows you to set your desired language and watch many different sports events including cricket, tennis, hockey, football, badminton, and more. 

There are also many sports-themed TV shows that are fun to watch if you are interested in sports.

You can also download sports matches in HD and watch them later when you don’t have access to the internet. This app is available for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.

There you have it, the best sport streaming apps. And if you like sports betting too, make sure to download The TwinSpires Edge sportsbook app. Visit website to learn also some interesting facts about sports, like the top 10 best centers in NBA history.

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