Best Parenting YouTube Channels to Learn From

Hands down, parenting is an underrated but the most difficult job. However, there are parents who kill it, who you can turn to get useful insights and tips to improve your parenting techniques. Whether you are a new parent or are going to be, you would be clueless about where to get started to nurture your child in the best way possible.

Don’t worry. If you want to learn about parenting styles and the most effective approaches to raising your child, you may look into useful resources such as blogs and videos. Here, in this article, we have listed down some of the best YouTube channels you must subscribe to get the most useful information on parenting. 

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Anyway, let’s explore the best parenting YouTube channels now. 

Parenting Youtube Channels

1. Live on Purpose TV

Owned and run by Dr. Paul H Jenkins, Live on Purpose TV is a highly-rated YouTube channel. Dr., Paul is a positive psychologist and life coach who made his name through Radio. His YouTube channel features effective and practical advice for parenting and nurturing relationships.

True to the channel’s name, it offers a wealth of resources guiding us to enrich our lives and live on purpose. For example, his video “How to make children listen without telling” received an overwhelming response and it garnered a whopping 2.2 million views.

Parents who are looking to build meaningful relationships with children will find this channel very useful. 

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2. WhatsUpMoms

All the moms out there who want to handle their jobs, children, and families singlehandedly, this YouTube channel is for you. WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube channel created by moms for moms. The channel features videos of all that a mom needs. 

From mom hacks to yummy recipes, and kids’ activities to labor stories, there is nothing that this channel does not have. This channel is very popular among moms, which is why it has racked up over 1 billion views on videos. 

3. How to Dad

How to Dad is a channel run by a Dad from New Zealand. He makes videos on how to be a dad and, obviously, in New Zealand. Watching How to Dad will amuse you with tricks that you can use to raise a child without yelling, infuriating, and thus affecting the child. 

The channel features videos on how to talk to a child, how to tuck him in at night, how to make him eat vegetables, and do all of the things that make your children cranky and fit them in rage. It is recommended to all dads that they must subscribe to this channel and learn from it to take care of their children without relying on anyone else.

4. Smart Parenting

If you are the kind of parent who is thoroughly invested in children and is ready to help them assist every moment, then this YouTube channel is for you. Smart Parenting is focused on Filipino parents raising bright, happy, and healthy children. Parenting is becoming a daunting task today, to make your child or teenagers be successful in their life, Nexus Teen Academy is the one you need to approach.

This channel features different parents who share tips on parenting, allowing not only Filipinos but all other parents who seek to learn new parenting styles. 

5. The Parenting Junkie

Think raising your only child is tough? You should probably watch videos of The Parenting Junkie. The YouTube channel is about Avital, who managed to be a good parent during her postpartum, working with a newborn toddler, and preschooler, with barely no help. 

The mother of 5 children will give you useful tips on simplifying the odds of raising two or more children together. She says that she is passionate about peaceful parenting, which means that she will teach mindful, respectful, gentle, and simple approaches to raising your child. 

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Concluding Remarks

Parenting, no doubt, is an arduous and wearing task. What makes parenting most difficult is developing a character by feeding habits, values, and perceptions. Therefore, every parent needs to take this role responsibly and commit to building strong, happy, and healthy individuals. 

In that regard, you may seek the assistance of experts and parents who are professionally coping with parenthood and have a wealth of insightful details to share. For example, you may check some of the aforementioned YouTube channels and make it easier for you to continue your parenting. 

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