3 Ways to Organize Your Modern Living Room

A living room can be an extremely generalized space, and used by the whole family for many purposes. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to keep this space in check, especially when you want your space to have a contemporary and sleek style.

Even with busy family life, there is no excuse as to why you can’t opt for a modern living room style and we are here to give you some quick tips on how to achieve that, so stay tuned. 

3 Ways to Organize Your Modern Living Room

Reduce clutter 

The first, and most important step to achieving your sleek space is to ensure that clutter is reduced.

If you do have kids in your household, you may begin to think this is hard to achieve however, it’s not! If your living room primarily acts as a kid’s nursery, there are simple ways to reduce the clutter which will help you relax and enjoy the space when they are sleeping or even if you decide to have friends over for the night.

Investing in extra storage is your best option. Investing in sideboards, units, drawers and even ottomans act as a brilliant storage space for your children’s toys and belongings and are the easiest approach for when you need to get rid of clutter quickly.

Try to even dedicate one specific piece of furniture as the storage space so that belongings are easily accessible when you need them. 

Another way to minimize mess within the space is to ensure that you keep surfaces as clean and as open as possible.

This means reducing the number of ornaments, vases, picture frames, and anything else that resides on surfaces to achieve a cleaner and clutter-free look.

Sometimes less is more, and simply having a coffee table with a single vase in the center, or a sideboard with a few stacked books at one side and a plant at the other will emphasize the room even more as there is less focus on smaller, irrelevant objects. 

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Utilize space 

To achieve a minimal modern living room look, you want to do your best to make use of the space. Sleekness is key, so try to get rid of robust items that only take up space in your living room and serve very little purpose.

Yes, we are talking about that old TV unit! Nothing screams modernized like a sleek flat-screen TV mounted on your wall surrounded by LED lights, and this will look brilliant in the evening, setting a warm and cozy atmosphere to your space.

Not only will having your TV wall mounted look extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it will also save floor space that can be used to open up the room.

Alongside this, you can decide where and how high you would like your TV to be placed meaning that it could be better suited to the eye levels of all viewers. For assistance with TV wall mounting, click here.  

Another way to utilize space is to keep furniture to a minimum. If you have a large living space, in particular, the answer is not to fill every inch and corner with a piece of furniture, this will make the space look too overwhelming, and too many objects can dominate the room.

Try to eradicate furniture pieces that no longer serve you a purpose and if you are considering purchasing new pieces, try to opt for furniture that is smaller in dimension to create a more open and sleeker space.  

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Add greenery

Not only do plants look modern and aesthetically pleasing, however, bringing the outdoors indoors can offer several health benefits. Plants can improve the quality of air, improve your mental health and reduce stress, and these are only a few of the many benefits!

Greenery can brighten up room space and make it feel more alive, this is why we encourage you to include it in your modern living room.

Large plants such as majesty palm trees or fiddle leaf fig trees paired with a neutral-colored pot can look remarkable when placed in the corner of your room or at the side of your sofa.

Or, if you would prefer to go with a plant that is more subtle in size, a cactus, orchid, or spider plant would look perfect residing on a coffee table or sideboard.

If you have shelves or bookshelves in your living space, you may want to take the hanging plant approach for an effortless feel and purchase a devil’s ivy plant to drape over the furniture, the options are endless!

When it comes to greenery, the maintenance can be daunting, therefore if you believe this is something you are not willing to maintain, then you can always choose to go for artificial plants!

Although these will not offer the health benefits that real plants do, the look and aesthetic will still match to add vibrance, energy, and color to your modern living room.  

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