The Best Waterproof Phones That You Can Purchase This 2020

It is never a bad idea to buy new technology. In this case, you are going to get a waterproof smartphone. Now, you will not have to worry about dropping your phone in water. You could have an assurance that it performs at its peak even if it got wet or submerged.

Best Waterproof Mobile Phones

What are the best waterproof phones? Or better yet, you should be asking what the best waterproof smartphone is for you? It all comes down to the perks and features that a smartphone possesses. Figure out your needs and wants and compare it to the list that we have here.

If we are talking about waterproof phones, you have to ask a particular question. Does the waterproof technology on this smartphone work for real? Always ask these questions before you figure out which smartphone to buy. Combine these waterproof elements with the specs that you want to be able to buy the smartphone that you need.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

You can never go wrong with the iPhone, especially when you are going to buy the current flagship model. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most powerful smartphone in the current flagship lineup from Apple. You could argue that this smartphone is the best in terms of aesthetics, perks, and performance.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof? The answer is yes. You do not have to stress about potentially damaging this smartphone if you drop it into a body of water. You have at least 30 minutes of waterproof protection and can go as deep as four meters.

You have an extended timespan to hold in that mini heart-attack after dropping your phone. The IP68 rating tells how the iPhone 11 Pro Max can withstand water. You will also get the fastest CPU in any smartphone, together with the fantastic OLED display. The iPhone 11 Pro Max currently goes for $899.99 at the time of this writing.

iPhone 11

When do you usually need waterproof protection for your smartphone? A right answer can be in almost anything that you do. Let us face it. It is hard to live without having our smartphones nearby. Sometimes it can get in the way of our daily routines and chores. You could drop it while doing the dishes, taking a bath, and more.

If you want waterproof protection at a more reasonable price than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, go for the iPhone 11. Although you cannot go as deep as the 11 Pro Max, you still get two meters of protection. Along with this waterproof feature, you get a flagship model of the iPhone. The iPhone 11 has almost a $200 price difference from the 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 display is an LCD. It also has a lot of performance perks like a stunning camera. Night mode can be your key to your smartphone photography career as it takes high-quality photos—the iPhone 11 finishes with long battery life and a powerful, industry-leading processor.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Our list would not be complete and credible if we only talked about iOS products. The next best waterproof smartphone on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a top model in terms of performance waterproof Android phones.

You could argue that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the best performance Android with a waterproof feature. This Android smartphone has a rating of IP68 going as deep as five feet for 30 minutes. Combine that with the stunning 64MP telephoto, and you get a well-rounded smartphone.

The Galaxy S20 Plus also has a new 120 Hz mode. You will need to charge the S20 Plus now, and then as the 120 Hz drains the battery quickly. Regardless, the Galaxy S20 Plus is a solid choice for a waterproof Android smartphone.

iPhone SE 2020

Just because the iPhone SE is a cheaper version of the 2020 iPhone lineup, does not mean that it is worth making our list. If you want an affordable smartphone that has waterproof features, then look for the iPhone SE. The SE is a solid choice at an SRP of $350, and it is also an iPhone.

You get the basic iPhone features that come with a single purchase. If you like iOs but do not want to shed a significant amount of cash, the SE is the perfect option for you. It has a rating of IP67, so you are sure to stay protected from any liquids or bodies of water. 

The iPhone SE comes with an iPhone 8 finish while packing the powerful A13 processors. At the time of this writing, the iPhone SE goes for around $349 on Amazon.

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The waterproof feature is exceptional in terms of the attention to detail by the smartphone industry. This waterproof feature makes any consumer enjoy their smartphone in any given situation. Indeed, a remarkable step forward from the technologies and innovations of the past.

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