Learn How to Rotate PDF Pages Using a Web-Based Tool

Many users consider Portable Document Format (PDF) as the go-to file type for their digital documents. PDFs won’t lose their layout and data when transferred and opened on various devices.

Creating a PDF file is also a breeze, and it doesn’t eat up significant storage space. Plus, PDFs are hard to modify and can be secured with a password.

There’s a long list of reasons to use PDF over any other type of electronic document. Perhaps the sole disadvantage about PDF is that sometimes when you scan it, you’ll get disorientated pages.

You’ll also come face-to-face with this problem after merging different documents into one PDF file.

But, get rid of your worries now, because there’s a web-based software that allows you to rotate PDF pages into their exact orientation. I’m talking about PDFBear.com. Keep on reading to know more about this incredible web-based tool.Learn How to Rotate PDF Pages Using a Web Based Tool

Using the PDFBear Tool to Correct Upside-Down PDF Pages

Say goodbye to your problem with disorientated PDF pages. If you use this amazing online tool PDFBear, you can now set the upturned pages of your PDF file.

Here’s a list of steps that you should follow to learn how to use this online software to rotate PDF pages.

1st Step: Navigate to PDFBear.com

Open your go-to web browser and navigate to the official website of PDFBear (pdfbear.com). Select the online tool “Rotate PDF” that you can find on the website homepage.

2nd Step: Upload the PDF on the Website of PDFBear

A new page will open after you’ve clicked the PDF Rotate tool. In the middle of this web page, you can find the color blue Select Files button.

Click it to pick the saved PDF document from your device and start uploading it on the website of PDFBear.

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3rd Step: Correct the Pages of Your PDF File

Now that you’ve transferred the PDF document on PDFBear’s website, it’s time to correct its topsy-turvy pages. You can see thumbnails on the screen for each PDF page.

Figure out the pages that are not in their precise orientation and click the arrows to rotate them according to their correct angle.

4th Step: Apply the Edits You’ve Made on the PDF Pages

Click Apply to confirm the edits you’ve performed on the pages of your PDF file. Always keep in mind to double-check if the PDF pages are now in their exact orientation.

5th Step: Save the New Version of Your PDF on Your PC

After rotating the pages of your PDF to the standard orientation, there’s nothing more to do than to download the newly edited PDF file on your PC.

If there’s a need to share the document with other users or transfer it to another device, you can do that.

Advantages of PDFBear Web-Based Tool

You can find many web-based PDF rotate software on the internet, but a lot of users choose PDFbear for a number of reasons. Take a read of this list of advantages of using PDFBear.com to correct the pages of your PDF document.

  • Privacy and security of your PDF files are of utmost priority to PDFBear.com. To prevent unwarranted sharing and data theft, PDFBear.com removes the document you’ve uploaded on the site after you’re done with your task.
  • Fast and easy editing of disorientated PDF pages. Rotating upside-down PDF pages using this online software is a breeze. The website has a smooth user interface that enables you to edit the file in just a few clicks. Just within several seconds, your task will be finished.
  • Rotate the pages with accuracy. With the help of the circular arrows, you can set the pages of your PDF to standard orientation.
  • Available for use on multiple platforms. PDFBear isn’t only a web-based software. You can also download its desktop version on your PC (macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems).


If you’re looking for a PDF rotate tool, try PDFBear. This web-based software is among the best PDF editors available today.

Learn how to use this tool by reading the information in this blog post.

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