Repair Windows 7 Using Startup Repair Tool

Windows 7 comes with some great tools and good features that allow you to always keep your system and PC protected. Well, if you’ve got been experiencing issues together with your OS while booting or the other errors, it’s a transparent indication that you simply may have to repair the Windows 7 operating system as a priority.

This can be done very easily by following some steps resulting in a System Repair within the Recovery options menu. It will allow you to repair all of your issues and corrupted files on your system that you simply may are experiencing for too long. But for your information, the Windows Startup repair tool doesn’t fix any error or damage to your hardware. You may need to try other methods for that purpose. Let us get on to it right away.


These are the steps given below include the use of the Windows 7 installation disc and also how you can repair Windows 7 without CD. So, you can choose either of the methods. If you have the disk we would recommend using it so that everything goes out smoothly and have a 100% chance that all the files are fixed or simply go for the other method.


Here are on “How to repair Windows 7 with CD” which will require an installation CD/DVD to repair Windows 7 and therefore the corrupted files if any.

  1. Insert the CD to Boot Windows 7 system. Now restart your Computer or PC that you need to repair. Now it’ll be asked to does this “Enter any key from CD or DVD…” Make sure to press a key while the message is displayed or the system will automatically boot from the hardware in your system and you’ll perform the entire booting process from CD again.
  2. Next, await the system to load the files from the CD and restart the system for you to hold with the Windows 7 repair process.
  3. You need to settle on the language that you simply wish to continue with. Press Next to continue.
  4. Here, click on “Repair your computer” options on rock bottom left corner. This will begin the Windows 7 System Recovery Options which contains several useful diagnostic and repair tools, one among which is Startup Repair. (Do not click on Install Now)
  5. Now, await the system to look for the Installation file to Windows 7.
  6. Now select the option of Windows 7 option for repairing. Click on Next.
  7. You now have the System Recovery Options menu. Click on the Startup Repair option to continue.
  8. This process will take a while, and you would like not cancel or press anything till then. It will repair all the issues and files on your system.
  9. Simply click on Finish to restart your PC.

Your system will now begin to restart and hopefully, all of your files and corrupted data has been fixed. If not, you’ll try other system recovery options also where you’ll perform System Restore and System Image Recovery.


So, there’s another method that you simply can attempt to repair Windows 7 using the prompt . Well, it does require an installation disc and therefore the process continues as we’ve done almost like as above. Mainly, this particular process is supposed to unravel the booting and startup problems on your system.

  • Put the Windows 7 installation disc within the disk drive, then Restart your computer.
  • Hold down the choice key till all available disks are displayed and choose DVD. Press a key when you are prompted.
  • You can select any language, a time, a keyboard, a currency and then
  • Press, Next.
  • Click Repair your computer.
  • Click the OS that you simply want to repair, and then click next.
  • In the System Recovery Options panel, click prompt.
  • Type these commands.

“Bootrec.exe /FixMbr”, press ENTER

“Bootrec.exe /FixBoot”, press ENTER

“Bootrec.exe /ScanOS”, press ENTER

“Bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd”, press ENTER

  • Now restart your computer.

This is a process which will assist you to repair Windows 7 using prompt and within the process also will repair the Master Boot Record. If you had any issues together with your system while booting up or beginning, this may surely solve the difficulty and fix errors.


Each version of the Windows OS follows an identical process. The only difference is that they need multiple other options in between. But the method for repair results in using System Recovery options then, selecting what must be fixed and the way.

Users still use Windows 7 OS since it’s always been the foremost stable version. Working with this has always been the simplest case ever. Windows 10 or 8 has many disadvantages as compared and thus repairing Windows 7 system is important.

If you’re looking to put in Windows 7 using product keys, check it out here.

Also, you’ll encounter multiple queries while performing on this issue and therefore the methods involved. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know if it worked for you.

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