General Modes of Bitcoin Thievery and Some Approaches to Minimize the Security Risks

Bitcoin is known to be the first modern cryptocurrency worldwide. No doubt, there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies available, but no one has outstanding features as Bitcoin offers.

Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency that was introduced by a mysterious entity named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. He introduced the bitcoin system and the technology behind it on papers. 

The blockchain technology used in the Bitcoin network makes sure the transactions and network remain secure from theft or malicious attacks. Each and every cryptocurrency has some security risks, which makes it a big drawback for that currency.

Bitcoin is supported by a source code, which makes it impossible to replicate; this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to steal or attack bitcoins.

Since its invention, it has some negative factors and imperfections that hackers can take full advantage of t steal the bitcoins.

The two main strengths of bitcoin are it maintains user anonymity and is politically independent, making the network secure but striking to fraudsters.

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General Modes of Bitcoin Thievery and Some Approaches to Minimize the Security Risks

In this article, we will understand modes that can be attempted by thieves and fraudsters to steal bitcoins.

Modes of Bitcoin Thievery

The source code has some principles called cryptography, which makes it impossible to steal bitcoins. It takes advanced technical skills to attack or steal bitcoins when compared to physical cash.

The bitcoin heists reported to date involve complicated theft or hack attacks by scoundrel exchange employees or highly skillful outsiders. The modes of Bitcoin thievery include:

Utilizing Wallet Susceptibility

Some bitcoin wallets have less security and are susceptible to attack. Various service provides that store the private keys in virtual wallets when bitcoins are stored to provide convenience.

These allow hackers to attack the funds and steal the keys and funds at one time.

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Attacking the legal bitcoin exchanges openly

Exchanges are the main targets of thieves because they store millions of bitcoins. Bitcoin exchanges use bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins (which they got as exchange fees) from the user’s wallet.

The fraudsters and thieves can attack the wallets of bitcoin users and bitcoin exchanges through hack attacks.

Thieving private keys of bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet has three main concepts: a bitcoin address, public key, and private key. The private keys are stored in digital repositories like cloud personal drive or bitcoin exchange.

Private keys once theft can never be recovered, and the user may lose all his bitcoins.

The thieves hack the private keys to get access to bitcoins and transfer them into their accounts.

Approaches to Reduce Security Risks

Users can’t get complete security into a thing where the money is involved. Yes, this is true, but we are introducing you with some approaches that can help in reducing the risks to your bitcoins. 

Protect private keys

Instead of storing the private keys online that have easy access to hackers, bitcoins must be stored offline.

Users can store the private keys on paper printouts or any physical storage media. Keys stored offline are not entirely foolproof but is considered a better option than storing at online locations.

Use secured bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin users must search for the best bitcoin wallet that provides high security and other great features.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a highly developed programmer that can evaluate the wallet code; you can take suggestions from experts and read reviews online. Before deciding on a digital wallet, look for the security enhancements.

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Avoid dark web

The dark web is a dangerous and insalubrious place. The users must avoid dark web markets to avoid the experience of security risks.

It is suggested to avoid the “gray market” because it is illegal in some areas. Numerous heists take place in the gray market; therefore, you must avoid it to secure your funds.

Look for bitcoin exchanges

To avoid security risks, the user must always look for bitcoin exchanges that are legal and offer excellent services. You must never trust the promises made by bitcoin exchanges and must look for a trustworthy and reliable exchange.

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