Is Modern Millionaires or Lead Flipping Business a Scam?

According to PYMNTS, 70% of SMBs invested in online marketing and spent on new tech and tools to improve their online presence, after the Covid pandemic. It is important to keep that in mind before we discuss if Modern Millionaires or lead-flipping business ideas are a scam or a legit business opportunity.

Online sales and business has grown at an astounding rate. And it will continue to grow even when things start to get normal. This is because the lockdowns and business restrictions helped many businesses see the advantages of having an online store.

Online shopping can help both businesses and customers save time and money. There are some challenges and drawbacks for sure, but the technology will soon give a solution for all these challenges.   

Customers have started to realize how easy it is to compare different options and get the products or services delivered in their footsteps.

Businesses know that they need to be present in search engine results when a potential customer makes a search.

Is Modern Millionaires or Lead Flipping Business a Scam

How does the Modern Millionaires Course help?

Online lead generation is not a walk in the park, especially with so much competition. For any given search, there are just 10 search results. If you are not appearing in the top 3 or 4 results, you will lose the customer to another business.

You have to beat hundreds and thousands of other businesses to appear in the top 3 results, and that is easier said than done. This is the first thing most businesses discover and then they turn towards the online marketing experts.

The Modern Millionaires course allows you to learn the most in-demand marketing skill, which is online lead generation. It teaches you the “easy” way to get in the top 3 results and that is paid to advertise.

You will learn how to use Google Adwords and FB ads to get in front of target customers and get them to visit your website. Your website will do the rest by converting them into leads that the businesses can contact and close the deal.

Here’s what makes lead flipping a great business idea (and not a Scam):

You are working for yourself:

If you were thinking that this course will teach you how to become an online marketing consultant, then you are wrong. It’s more than that.

The Modern Millionaires will not just teach you the art of “lead generation” it will also teach you how to turn this skill into a six-figure business.

This is important because you will not have to waste countless hours on applying for online jobs, giving interviews, and convincing businesses to use your services.

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You are only competing with local businesses:

It is incredibly hard and expensive to compete with global businesses on Google. However, the Modern Millionaires or lead flipping business allows you to focus on just one niche in a particular city.

This simple change in strategy brings down the competition from hundreds or thousands of businesses to a few dozens. You will get results a lot more quickly while spending a fraction of money.

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It will take a couple of months to have a profitable business:

Most businesses take a few months before you can reach a breakeven point. This is not the case with lead flipping. We have already read about the demand for online lead generation.

This means you have many businesses that will be more than happy to pay for the leads. And how long will it take to get your first few leads? Probably a week or two.

Thanks to PPC platforms like Adwords or Facebook that allow you to target your potential customers with utmost precision.

So, it is as simple as showing your ads to people who are already searching for a product or service, creating a simple landing page (no lengthy sales pitches or flowery promises), and getting their contact details.

That’s all you need before you can sell these leads to local businesses at a profit. 

The Modern Millionaires course teaches you a very legit way of making money online. It’s far from a scam or get-rich-quick scheme.

You might take a little more time in learning and executing the strategy but once you do, you will surely be able to create a source of passive income. And that’s all that matters.

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