How to Increase Website Traffic — 7 Ways

Consistently high traffic provides the publisher with the opportunity to monetize it by placing ads on favorable terms. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to maintain good traffic volumes.

How to Increase Website Traffic 7 Ways

In the article below we will look at 7 ways how to do this.

1. SEO optimization

First of all, work on the keywords that characterize the subject of your content. In the beginning, it is recommended to address more rare requests (less than 10,000 per month).

This will make it easier for you to compete with similar sites without going straight to the most popular giants. You should also pay attention to headlines of different levels and long-tail keywords: both of them attract a narrow target audience.

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2. Tracking your competitors 

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what in your field competitors are doing. This also applies to attracting traffic using various marketing tools.

To be aware of what promotion methods your competitors have, you can use online tools such as Alexa and Similar Web. If you find yourself missing something, it’s never too late to implement something new.

3. Regular content updates

Search engines, including Google, place sites with more recent content on a given topic at a higher position in the search results.

This way it is easy to attract organic traffic from new users. This will also work for regular site visitors though: if the audience sees frequent content updates, they will have an incentive to return to the site more often.

4. Viral content

Of course, it’s hard to know for sure exactly what content will go viral. However, if you succeed, it can attract huge volumes of traffic to your website.

To make it easier to come up with a topic for a viral piece of content, think about what topics are currently trending, what causes the most controversy, and whether you have some unique information.

5. UX design

Many people confuse User Experience (UX) with the usual interface design. This can become a fatal error and might seriously hit your traffic. UX is not just about a stylish website with nice pictures.

This is primarily about user convenience. Well-thought-out navigation, a clear message, and consideration of the behavioral patterns of the target audience will definitely help to boost conversions.

6. Social media 

Social networks cover most of your current and potential target audience. Therefore, do not neglect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms while focusing exclusively on your own website.

Users will learn more about you if you share news, publish posts with links to your site, communicate with subscribers, buy ads from bloggers, etc. 

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7. Monetize your traffic

Or rather, do not wait for the traffic volume to become “high enough” for monetization. If you have successfully applied at least some of the tips from the list above, you can already make a profit from placing ads.

To get a guaranteed result, it is best to contact an advertising network. We can recommend Galaksion with a high degree of confidence. Here, the optimal advertising offer will be selected for your website, taking into account all the parameters.

Unlike other large advertising networks, the company has minimal requirements for traffic volume for publishers, so it is easy and profitable to work through the network, even for a beginner. So what are you waiting for?

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