How To Buy XRP With Credit Card?

Ripple Lab is a company that developed a number of crypto assets, including the popular XRP token, as well as a centralized platform for financial settlements around the world. The main idea of this platform is to be an intermediary between banks and other financial establishments that enables fast transactions. The platform works for many fiat currencies, crypto assets, and gold.

Buy XRP With Credit Card

The product is meant to supplement the SWIFT system, bringing many benefits and features to the process of money transferring. 

The network users pay transaction fees with XRP tokens.

How Does It Work And Where To Buy XRP?

XRP tokens run on the XRP Ledger blockchain. There are several options for using this token:

  • Buy XRP and hold it as an investment.
  • Exchange it for other digital assets, trade, etc.
  • Pay for transactions within the Ripple network.

There is a difference between other crypto blockchains and XRP. While others imply verification of every block created, secure transactions, etc., Ripple’s network is kind of centralized. It has unique lists of nodes for users to pick in order to confirm transactions. There are now about 35 trusted validators. The network picks validators to the list and creates validation nodes. 

Every 3 – 5 seconds, when a new transaction appears, the validators revise their ledgers to understand if they match other ledgers. If something goes wrong, the network ceases and searches for a mismatch. It helps Ripple confirm transactions in a much more efficient way compared with other blockchains. It is also why the Ripple blockchain is suitable for financial establishments.

You can buy Ripple XRP with a debit card on WhiteBIT. It is a centralized crypto platform that operates under European jurisdiction.

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Registered clients and those who have passed the KYC verification have access to all the platform’s tools, including buying crypto with fiat currencies.

Easy steps on how to buy XRP:

  1. Register on WhiteBIT
  2. Create an account
  3. Pass KYC
  4. Attach your bank card to your account
  5. Deposit your account
  6. Place an order to buy XRP in the “Trade” section
  7. Pay the fee. Consider the bank fee as well. For Monobank clients, the commission is zero.

Asking yourself, “Should I buy XRP?” you should investigate the project on your own. Notice that every investment is a risk but also a substantial earning opportunity, especially when it comes to such promising assets as XRP. Ripple is on the list of top crypto assets in rankings.

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