Top 5 Best Waterproof Phones Everyone Should Have

Waterproof phones are instantly turning into a need today. Why not? Waterproof cell phones allow you to encounter adaptable and helpful living. Regardless of whether you’re caught up in the rain on your way home or taking off to the beach for a swim, you can utilize these convenient gadgets to send instant messages.

Waterproof Phones

Waterproof devices work in ways they were expected to be. It can survive from a sprinkle of water from the rain, works with wet hands, or even in an outdoor activity, for example, swimming. We need to remember that not every single waterproof cellphone can do such serious protection, that is why we have come up with this shortlist of the best waterproof cells in the market today.

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Over the past years, Huawei has become one of the leading mobile device brands known to produce top-notch smartphones. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is just another evidence of the company’s well-established quality. The model was launched in September 2019 in China.

With its 6.5” OLED screen, outstanding low-light photography, battery life of up to 2 days, and its high-end Kirin 990 chipset provide a super-fast gaming experience. Not to mention its IP68-rate making it one of today’s best waterproof phone, and will drive Huawei fans hooked into it. It may not come with pre-installed Google applications, but you can surely download any apps that you need.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Compared to the company’s past models, this latest gadget flaunts an IP68 rating and is proven to withstand 4 meters (13 feet) of water for 30 minutes. That implies when your cellphone incidentally slips into the pool, you’ll be able to recover it completely functional. 

It can also endure light accidents, including spilling a beverage or having it wet from the rain. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max does not only features its waterproof reliability. It also showcases its triple-camera system, battery life, stellar A13 Bionic processor, and intensified night mode.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus

Our record of the best waterproof cellphones wouldn’t be complete without the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus. It presents an IP68 rating and goes with a variety of significant developments. It has a long-lasting intelligent power, super speed processing, and fast charging.

It also incorporates a broad scope of color alternatives and the quite shocking aura glow color. Also, this waterproof device was tagged as an all-rounder cellphone and equipped to do a large number of tasks, such as versatile photography underwater, quick performance, and a huge RAM and battery life perfect for gamers.

Google Pixel 4 XL

The model was officially launched on October 15, 2019; the Pixel 4 XL is just one of Google Pixel’s few waterproof phones for every Android user. Aside from its display, camera, and authentication software, it also acclaims an IP68 waterproof rating. Something that isn’t new from the Google Pixel line.

It also has a 6.3” display with a 90Hz refresh rate. Because of this, everything looks more sleek compared to other models. The Pixel 4 XL also showcases its Face Unlock feature, that is the same with the Apple’s Face ID system and a Motion Sense Air motion using the Google’s trailblazing Soli radar chip.

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS boasts a super waterproof technology, being Apple’s first-ever iPhone unit that attains an IP68 certification. When it comes to its design, there’s not much difference, instead of an improvement. It boasts an A12 Bionic processor and improved camera with SmartHDR for an even more focused snap.

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Many of us need a cellphone that can withstand extreme water exposure, which is why numerous manufacturers are trying their best to produce the best and most convenient water-proof mobile device. Whichever brand you are into, as long as you have checked the model’s specs and meets your needs, purchase it outwardly any hesitation.

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