Plantronics C3220 vs JBL E55BT: Which is the Smarter Choice?

Headphones have become an irreplaceable piece of gadget, in our daily lives.  If you are someone who likes listening to music while working or love to play your music loud, you must have felt the need to get a good pair of headset that will resonate with your needs.

Also, many of us prefer a sound headphone, while attending online conferences for a better listening experience.

Work, music, game, movies, whatever your jam may be, you might want to invest in a reliable headset system that will help you listen to your callers, bring the media to life, and provide an immersive experience.

Almost all the premium quality headphones available in India offer efficient audio output. However, while choosing one, you must carefully consider the brand, make, and features.

Plantronics C3220 vs JBL E55BT Which is the Smarter Choice

In this article, we are going to analyze two such headset systems and find out which one would be the smarter choice for you. Get going to find out relevant answers.


JBL E55BT is a wireless over-ear headphone that offers a signature sound quality, featured by the brand. The device brings an innovative fabric headband, enhancing your style quotient.

It also gets a battery life of up to 20 hours, facilitating long conversations over client meets. An ergonomic around-the-ear design ensures crystal clear audio quality irrespective of the environment you are situated in.

The wireless headphone system is equipped with a multi-device connectivity option, allowing you to toggle between two devices in a seamless manner. JBL E55BT flaunts a sleek design, access to Google Now/Siri, and is available in a variety of color options as well.

The additional convenience of a detachable cable with a remote and microphone, makes the headset stand out from the rest.

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Plantronics c3220

Plantronics c3220 Blackwire is a wired headset that enables high-quality audio and uninterrupted calls.

The durable yet lightweight model weighs 118gm only. Plantronics c3220 USB headset features premium quality wideband audio, passive noise reduction mechanism besides hi-fi stereo.

You can answer or end calls, and regulate volume by the push of a button. The noise-canceling microphone masks out all background noises, ensuring accurate communication from both ends.

Plantronics c3220 headset is compatible with the cloud service Plantronics Manager Pro, which empowers IT teams to gain insights about other compatible Plantronics headsets used within the company.

A Comparison Chart

We have curated a detailed chart, showcasing key metrics offered by both the headsets, making it easier for you to figure out the best. 


Plantronics c3220




Mobile Devices via 3.5mm and USB-C

Bluetooth 4.0




Ear Cushion Material


PU Leather

Audio Specifications

Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz-10kHz optimal for PC wideband voice telephony(up to 6800Hz), Dynamic EQ, and hi-fi stereo

Dynamic Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz

Impedance 32.0ohms

Hearing Protection

Acoustic Limiting for protections against sound level above 118dBA



Intuitive Inline call answer/end, mute, volume +/-

Remote Call Controls 

Bundled Cable allows music controls and hands-free call controls in wired mode

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Final Takeaway

From the above chart comprising key features about JBL E55BT and Blackwire Plantronics c3220, it is very clear that the latter is a value for money device, offering outstanding audio output, teamed with noise cancellation facilities and hearing protection against unnecessary disturbances. 

Plantronics c3220 when bought with Plantronics Manager Pro, enables IT, teams, to monitor other headphones belonging to the same company used within their network. 

Moreover, the headset system offers USB and USB-C connectivity options, featuring itself as a reliable and convenient choice for communication and multimedia engagement. 

Going through the audio specifications and all-day usage flexibility, it is pretty clear that Plantronics c3220 is on the greater side.

Moreover, the USB headset is compatible with various VoIP or softphones. If you take into consideration the comfort factor, an adjustable headband and soft leatherette cushions provide a secure grip besides all-day wearability. 

Moreover, a high-quality wideband PC telephony and inline intuitive controls tip the scale a little more towards Plantronics c3220. 

We hope that the detailed chart followed by a fluent comparison was helpful enough to clear out your doubts, check out the amazingly affordable Plantronics c3220 price, to get one for yourself, streamlining both work and fun activities in a simultaneous manner.

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