How is the Future of the Digital Yuan Secure?

There have been many developments in the digital currency world in the last few years. One such example is the digital Yuan that the government launched in China. Before launching its digital currency, Digital Yuan, China completely banned all types of cryptocurrencies.

There was a complete ban on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. People were strictly asked not to use any type of cryptos. But, the world was shocked when China came up with its national digital currency. 

China is one of those countries that believe in technological advancement, and its push for a digital currency proves that. However, the Chinese digital currency, the digital Yuan, is controlled by Chinese authorities.

Many outsiders and international organizations feel that the future of digital currency is not secure in China. Through this part, we will plan an attempt to understand reality.

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Digital Yuan

We will look into different features of the digital Yuan to know whether its future is secure.

Control over digital Yuan

We all know that control and manipulation of anything is one of the major natures of the Chinese government. Anything created in China must follow the policies and practices of the Chinese government.

Thus, the same will happen with the digital Yuan app. Thus, the fate of the digital Yuan is shaped in the hands of the Chinese government, and it will ensure that everyone uses it.

As far as the usability of the digital Yuan is concerned, it is sure that Chinese people will use it. The prices of the digital Yuan will also fluctuate as per the government’s dictatorship. So, in terms of control, the future looks good for the digital Yuan. 

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Internationalization of currency

One of the basic features of any digital currency is internationalization. This feature enables a currency to get the right exposure in the international space.

Unfortunately, the digital Yuan is not in the right place in terms of internationalization. The primary reason behind this is the multiple failures of the Chinese government to expose it in the international arena.

Nothing can be done if the government makes up its mind to keep the currency within international borders. Thus, looking at internationalization features, the future doesn’t look smooth for the digital Yuan. 


Most people get skeptical about digital issues because of issues concerning surveillance and privacy.

Currencies like Bitcoin are never looked after, and their usage is completely anonymous. But, one of the disadvantages of the digital Yuan is that all bigger transactions will be under the purview of the Chinese government.

The government will not only regulate the price of the currency but also keep an eye on all transactions. Still, there is hope for the digital Yuan as the people of China are used to these types of surveillance in everyday life. 

Number of users

As per a report by the central bank of China, more than 261 million people in China have already accepted the digital Yuan.

This means, one in five Chinese people have a digital wallet for Yuan. Thus, it shows the widespread acceptability and usage of the digital Yuan. Looking at usability, the future looks bright for the digital Yuan.

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The player in the international arena

While many international players are still exploring the benefits of digital currency, China has become the forerunner. It has already launched its national digital currency. The best part about this currency is that it will address many issues of the Chinese government.

For example, they can address issues related to capital controls, international settlement, and issues related to liquidity. Thus, China is already on the right path by launching the digital Yuan. 

Using the digital Yuan, China can reduce its capital outflow by more than $40 billion each year. Thus, the digital Yuan is expected to be Chinese history’s most innovative and unique product.

Many people also believe that Yuan can become an alternative to the dollar and it can become an international player. Looking at all these facts, there is no harm in saying that the future of the digital Yuan is quite safe and secure. It is on the right path to be a competition for the dollar.

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