A Key Opinion Leader Can Out Perform an Influencer with Help from NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid understands the subtle but yet powerful difference of influencers and a key opinion leader. Influencers can be seen across YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets, while you will not likely find a key opinion leader so readily available. These leaders are not interested in racking up likes or followers, but rather, they are interested in studying their chosen subject.

Key Opinion Leader Influencer

Some examples are scientists, healthcare professionals, or lawmakers. They are well established in their communities and popular with mainstream culture, but they did not seek out the attention. Their work garnered it, and NetBase Quid can show businesses how to develop content or marketing material around crucial opinion leader’s base.

Find a Key Opinion Leader That Pertains to Your Niche

NetBase Quid’s team can help find experts in broad subjects and niches. Locating one that complements your product, plan, or theme is one of their services, and with that knowledge, a series of events can be planned to highlight this type of leader’s influence. Companies can also utilize groups as well as individuals. Many nonprofits can match a business’s charitable activities or work ethic.

Highlight Your Brand

If a key opinion leader, mentions your particular brand or product, NetBase Quid can help you highlight the attributes in a tasteful brand-appropriate way. Before all of that can happen, the key opinion leader’s words must be found.

This is not as easy as finding out what influencers are raving about because this group tends to shy away from social platforms. You will find them being interviewed for their expertise on television or news programs. Their opinions can be found in publications and journals also.

Address Negative Opinions

It is a sound business practice to quickly address any negative statements, no matter what the source, and NetBase Quid program can track and find those pockets. Once found, it’s time to move into action with dialogue and facts to straighten the situation out.

Another option is to dispute it then aggressively campaign on totally new topics or trending subjects. Tracking key players is not just about piggybacking off them but also finding creative methods to springboard off their comments, praise, or ridicule.

Reaching Out To Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Although the KOL individuals protect their privacy and are not as open as an influencer, they may be willing to work or promote you in some way. Groups or nonprofits may want to work together for common causes and promotions of events or fundraisers. This may prove to be a low cost but high ROI, where you will be introduced to a new base of fans.


Doing this type of advanced promoting requires data, analysis, and adjustments. Some of the tools NetBase Quid uses are artificial intelligence coupled with goals. The team understands that not all goals are monetary either. Some plans should include gaining social traction, brand recognition, or past client retention.

As leaders of opinion have demonstrated, popular media is not the only game in town. Companies can capture market share by being mentioned and by hashtagging or quoting notable people.

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