5 Best Bitcoin Trading Apps in India

Bitcoin is the world’s vastly famous. Bitcoin trading has gained more momentum than ever due to how promising the crypto sector looks today and also considering the increase in returns recorded recently.

CNBC explains in detail how the cryptocurrency market jumps by over $13 billion driven by bitcoin in 2020 and India has also recorded a boom in the crypto sector this year.

To get the most of bitcoin trading, your choice of platform matters, as it can give you the best or the worst experience.

This article highlights five bitcoin trading apps for Indians that you can get started with today.

Bitcoin 5 Best Trading Apps in India

Bitcoin Transformation

Cryptocurrency dealers are earning so much wealth today because so many big names are capitalizing and utilizing crypto coins for their companies.

We understand that the subsequent year is even good because names like Facebook are making fast plans to initiate their coin. Similarly, Lamborghini, the glorious Italian car name is giving rise to a motion to enhance its car batch with the Blockchain.

We also learn that major cryptocurrency industries like Local Ethereum Exchange have varied their priority to contain all the cryptocurrency coins. For bitcoin trading visit crypto-gps.com/.

Everyone can become rich from investments in cryptocurrency, all you would like to try and do is use an auto trading robot for cryptocurrency. We have used different of these self-operated marketing networks for cryptocurrency.

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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that authorizes an outlet for trading numerous cryptocurrencies. In terms of trading numbers, Binance was the huge cryptocurrency exchange around the globe in January 2018.

Binance was established by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who had formerly established massive regularity trading software. Binance was originally based in China but later shifted out of China due to Chi tone’s expanding restriction of cryptocurrency.

It also permits the trading of over 150 cryptocurrencies and has a “recurring buy” choice that enables stoners to automate their properties on a recurring purpose.


ZebPay was established in 2014. The company opened its wallet aid in the air year and quickly rose to serve the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the nation.

In July 2015, ZebPay inaugurated its app for traders, and in December 2017 the company had a trading number of USD 1 billion.

It has served over 3 Million crypto users across the planet from 162 countries, with fiat buys worth over $2 Billion. It boasts to have evolved simultaneously with bitcoin.


Coinbase is a safe program to purchase, trade, and stock cryptocurrency and is also one of the vastly with well-recognized cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet.

With this software, merchants can keep up-to-date on crypto prices and recommendations in real-time.

It insists to be as comfortable as a traditional bank and is user friendly. It has a goal to establish an open economic system for the world that is not regulated by any one country or organization.

The objective is that everyone has a rapid, inexpensive, and multinational expenditure and the team is continually operating to guarantee the software fluffiest desire for everyone.


We inaugurated WRX tokens to encourage us to build out WazirX, and award them consequently for endorsing to our accomplishment.

This works us remain authentic to the ethics of cryptocurrency and blockchain – to share the bonuses of WazirX’s achievement with our earlier adopters and proponents.

WazirX contends to be India’s highest secured re-exchange, as it is quite prominent in India with its simplicity and powerful user interface that permits you to buy and sell, stake, and deduct through a Live Open Order Book System.

It also certifies minute-by-minute price tracking of cryptocurrencies and guarantees instantly INR stakes and withdrawals like no other.

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Bitcoin trading has enhanced in the previous few months and there is extra to anticipate as technology starts again to evolve. These apps formulate it simpler to trade.

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